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BAJR Guides

The indispensible BAJR Guides have become one of the most popular free resources in practical archaeology - from survey to photography .. more..>>

BAJR Bookstore

Asking archaeologists what books they read or view as essential has given us the opportunity to present over 200 books to buy (often at discounts .. more..>>

Open Archive Reports

A new resource that is in development - bringing together Reports and Documents created by societies and communities in the UK.. more..>>

OASIS Grey Literature

The aim of this resource from the ADS is to make unpublished fieldwork reports from the UK available in an easily fashion. more..>>

Past Horizons Magazine

Past Horizons is a free to read quarterly online archaeology journal which reports on field schools and volunteer projects across the world. more >>

The Digger

The Digger was produced as a newsletter by a digger(s) somewhere in the UK between 1998 - 2006 - and exposed the realityof field archaeology -. more >>

Online Publications

There are many publications and online magazines out there to choose from, and we have gathered the best into one place for you to enjoy . more >>

News and Blogs

Settle down and keep informed with the latest blogs and news about archaeology around the world. Personal views to professional news. more >>



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