Have some fun with archaeology


Beat the Digger BEAT THE DIGGER: This Guardian hit game (geddit!!) is a real favourite - stop the Digger from having a quick ciggie... Keep him in the trench with your mouse clicks
Excavate GameEXCAVATION: Excavate through 4 layers to find five pots on each level... just don't break one! Learn about stratigraphy at the same time. - A real classic in the making!
Fix the ChurchFIX THE CHURCH : Very funny game, not to be missed. Turn the sound up and enjoy conservation restoration and hitting rats with a big stick. Simple short and fun...if only English Heritage was like that too!
Bonekickers BonkersBONEKICKERS DRINKING GAME : Sadly, this.. er... classic of British Comedy, sorry, drama, is no more, but if you can get the DVD, stock your drinks cabinet and prepare for a fun night!
Keep it clean - with Roman BathsROMAN BATHS : You'll need to be quick to play this Roman game... The graphics are terrible, the gameplay is addictive, and you will find yourself trying again and again to beat that furnace.
Grerat bit of fun - Joust awayJOUST! Choose your horse and your armour, and ride into combat in the joust. A fast and furious Tudor jousting game that is actually super addictive... I will beat that knight... I will!
Go on - prove you are brainy!Every Coin Tells A Story: Can you crack the Roman coin code? Make sure your sound is turned on for this game from Corinium Museum Simple fun, but fun and informative!
Dig in!THE DIG Medieval? Victorian? Modern? You decide. From The Museum of London. It's your job to tell the Site Supervisor exactly where you found each object, if only life was this easy!
Survive the Ice Age...  its topical!Could you have survived the Ice Age? With no electricity - no money or anywhere to spend it - no roads or cars to drive -no house to live in. Sounds like a normal day for a Digger!
Bit more thoughtful!EGYPTIAN SENET : Board games were common in ancient Egypt However, the rules explaining how to play Senet has not survived. By studying game boards, experts have made some educated guesses.
You will shout - "Don't Count teh Fox"DOMESDAY ? It 1086 and the count of everything is in progress. ! can't get past theVilliens place - it gets fast and furoius.. and don't count the fox!
Bit more thoughtful!CHARIOT RACE ! Watch the odds, choose the team bet your hard earned denarii and then race... a fun game - so simple, but great.! Relive the thrills of Ben Hur (honest!)
concentrate!ArchaeoCONCENRTATION Back due to popular demand... test your memory in this popular game. we have chosen some archaeology themed images - updated for the new website!
Hic!  Drink responsibly though!TIME TEAM DRINKING GAME : A game that gives you a good reason to get drunk and argue about archaeology! - (only for adults!!) All you need is a TV with Time Team on....
Dig Dig DigDig Down, Dig Back Flash Archaeology Game that is quite complex, but does give you a real feel of what is involved in field archaeology .. a real educational tool... and fun too!
Enjoy this one.. TIME DETECTIVES: Time Detectives try and excavate the site before the developers move in... just like the real thing!! Except the lack of rain! and the layoffs and the ... well.. just enjoy the game.
Fire a turf (HSE non -approved ;)  BATTLE EXPLORERS : We have located the Time Team, but do not yet have visual contact. Lob lumps of turf and listen for the impact on Diggers..
bleep!PASt Explorers: This is the Portable Antiquities Scheme's website for children and teachers. - Fun, Facts, Games and more... enjoy!
hack, slash!VIKING QUEST This takes you back to AD 793. Can you build a ship, cross the seas, loot a monastery and return home to claim your prize?
More fun than real archaeology!HUNT the ANCESTOR : Time and money are running out and the developer's are wanting to move onto the site , try being an archaeologist!
Mysterious!Death in Sakkara: Egypt, 1929. A darkly sinister world of intrigue and mysticism in the hunt for a missing archaeologist. (BBC History)
Who dunnit?Death in Rome: Be a Roman sleuth - use your skills to unravel the events behind a mysterious death.You have until dawn. (BBC History)
Celtic fun.Life in the Iron Age: Find out if you have the skills to make fire, bake bread and survive the Iron Age.... (BBC History)
Gripping!CDX (amazing) : A blade from the birth of the Roman empire is the key to a conspiracy that threatens the present. (BBC History)
Fight safely and responsibly ;)BATTLEFIELD: Pit your wits against the remorseless AI engine of Battlefield Academy, in four challenging historical missions.. (BBC History)
Who wants to be one?COTTON Millionaire: Money will rise and fall, depending on the choices you make, find out if you can make it as a Victorian. (BBC History)
Long game but worth the timeREFIGHT TRAFALGER: 'Battle of Trafalgar" To win you must match or exceed the scale of Nelson's historic victory.. (BBC History)

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