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Antiquity Magazine

Website Image Antiquity is a leading international archaeological journal, on the web site you can access the online index, special features and editorials from the 77 years of Antiquity.  

Archaeologia Aeliana

Website Image Archaeologia Aeliana is the Society's journal. The first volume was published in 1822. It appeared intermittently at first, but for the last hundred years one volume has been published every year. The journal covers all aspects of the history of North-East England, ranging from archaeology (including excavation reports) and buildings to historical and documentary research, and from prehistory to the present. It has always been an important vehicle for the publication of research on Hadrian's Wall and the Romans in North-East England.  

Archaeology Abroad

Website Image ARCHAEOLOGY ABROAD is based at University College London's Institute of Archaeology. It provides information about archaeological fieldwork opportunities outside the UK  

Archaeology International

Website Image Archaeology International, produced annually, combines news about UCL Institute of Archaeology activities with reports on research, both on new and on-going projects, carried out by members of staff. Papers reflect the broad geographical, theoretical and methodological scope of research at the Institute, including those of its three main Sections (World Archaeology, Archaeological Sciences and Heritage Studies), and its extensive global fieldwork presence. The journal has been relaunched with a double issue in 2011 to mark the Institute of Archaeology’s coming 75th anniversary year, and is now also online and fully open access.  

Archaeology Journals

Website Image Massive list of all the archaeology journals and magazines you could need. A real must see resource for those keeping up with the latest developments.  


Website Image Welcome to this new, free service for everyone involved in archaeological research. The archaeology journal holdings of over 20 UK university, museum and private libraries have been united to create one searchable resource.  

AWOL - The Ancient World Online

Website Image Alphabetical list of Open Access Journals in Ancient Studies AWOL first assembled an alphabetical list of all open access journals in Ancient Studies - a massive resource of online journals and magazines available free to view.  

BBC History

Website Image the superb BBC website for History, Archaeology and Heritage. With Games, Images, Education and teaching resources, not to mention a forum, live chats, articles and all teh latest news from archaeology.  

British Archaeology Magazine

Website Image Popular archaeological magazine, published by the Council for British Archaeology (CBA)  

Bulletin of the History of Archaeology

Website Image The Bulletin of the History of Archaeology (BHA) was inaugurated nearly 19 years ago as a forum to exchange research, information on on-going projects, and resources solely devoted to the history of archaeology. Since that time it has become global in its reach and interests, but retains its focus on exchanging knowledge about the history of archaeology. BHA publishes research and reviews on all aspects of the history of archaeology.  

CADW Publications

Website Image Cadw produces a range of publications to cater for all levels of interest in the built heritage of Wales - from the youngest visitor to the most dedicated historian. Each publication is meticulously researched, illustrated to the highest standards and produced with the finest attention to detail. Whether you want to teach or learn, Cadw's attractive publications make an ideal source for the most authoritative and up-to-date information about historic sites and ancient monuments in Wales.  

Conservation and Management of Archaeological Sites

Website Image The journal Conservation and Management of Archaeological Sites (CMAS) has established itself as the primary reference in this field, both for active professionals and for university teachers and students. Launched in 1995, it is the only journal that covers both theoretical and practical issues in heritage site management and conservation. Peer-reviewed papers from around the world report on new thinking and best practice in site management and conservation. CMAS also publishes short comments, conference, book and website reviews, and lists relevant new publications.  

Current Archaeology Magazine

Website Image Current Archaeology - Britain's favorite Archaeology magazine! packed website with magazine, information and help.  

Discover Archaeology

Website Image Archaeology Magazine Publications: Archaeology magazine, Discover, Biblical Archaeology Review, Archaeology Odyssey Magazine, Kids Discover, and other archaeology magazines. This site provides the best resources to make your archaeological trip most successful. Ranging from shoes to make your journey on foot, to skies for enjoying the exploration in the ice, you can find everything on this site.  

English Heritage Publications

Website Image English Heritage produces a wide variety of publications, which can be ordered from our online shop, along with a wide range of historical and general publications. They also produce a wide variety of publications which can be downloaded online for free, use the free publications search to search the site for relevant titles  

Heritage Counts

Website Image Heritage Counts is the annual State of the Historic Environment Report. It contains an audit of the nation’s heritage – including vital statistics on how much of our historic environment survives, what condition it is in, and how well it is being used and looked after. It also contains new research and analysis carried out by a wide range of heritage organisations, to illustrate particular themes and concerns.  

Heroic Age

Website Image The Heroic Age is a free online journal dedicated to the study of the Northwestern Europe from the Late Roman Empire to the advent of the Norman Empire. The archive provides access to back issues of the journal.  

Historic Scotland publications

Website Image To find out more about the work of Historic Scotland or if you want to discover more about Scotland's heritage, browse our extensive catalogue of publications  

History Scotland Magazine

Website Image This is a new bi-monthly magazine which introduces the general public to writing and new research by Scottish historians, archaeologists and heritage professionals. The site provides details of the content of the current magazine and how to subscribe.  

Industrial Archaeology Review

Website Image Industrial Archaeology Review is the journal of the Association for Industrial Archaeology. Published twice a year, the focal point and common theme of its contents is the surviving evidence of industrial activity. Emphasis is placed on the practical aspects of a subject in which fieldwork plays an essential part, including recording, surveying, excavation, interpretation, conservation and protective legislation. While deriving much of its material from within the British Isles, the journal aims to be international in its coverage of the subject, presenting material of relevance and value to those concerned with industrial archaeology throughout the world. The membership of its Editorial Board reflects these aims.  

Internet Archaeology

Website Image Internet Archaeology is a not-for-profit academic electronic journal, published by the Council for British Archaeology and hosted by the Department of Archaeology at the University of York. Internet Archaeology publishes an international range of research articles of a high academic standing which also try to utilise the potential of electronic publication. Articles regularly contain fully searchable databases to analyse online; full-colour, interactive images, plans and sections; video footage; virtual reality models and give access to related digital archive material.  

Journal of Archaeological Science

Website Image The Journal of Archaeological Science is aimed at archaeologists and scientists with particular interests in advances in the application of scientific techniques and methodologies to all areas of archaeology. This established monthly journal publishes original research papers, major review articles, and short notes of wide archaeological significance.  

Journal of Conservation and Museum Studies

Website Image The Journal of Conservation and Museum Studies is fully peer reviewed and Open Access. It contains research on conservation science, artefact studies, restoration, museum studies, environment studies, collection management and curation. Published from the UCL Institute of Archaeology from 1996 to 2002, the journal was relaunched in 2011 in collaboration with the British Library, with a newly constituted international editorial board, and publishes two issues per year.  

Journal of Roman Studies

Website Image The Journal of Roman Studies publishes papers in the full range of the field which the Roman Society was established to promote, i.e. 'the study of the history, archaeology, literature and art of Italy and the Roman Empire, from the earliest times down to about A.D. 700'. The emphasis is on historical themes, but there are also articles on literary, archaeological and art historical topics, including issues of cultural and intellectual history that cut across these categories. Papers are intended to make a fresh and significant contribution to the understanding of the Roman world and to stimulate further discussion. Articles primarily on the archaeology of Roman Britain are published in the Society's sister journal, Britannia. The usual month of publication is November. The contents list and abstracts of the most recent volume are available on the Society's web-page, as are the contents of the five preceding volumes.  

Local History Magazine

Website Image the UK's only independent national magazine for anyone with an interest in local history.  

MDA Magazine

Website Image Superb magazine for museum and heritage professionals, from the MDA website.  

Museums Association

Website Image The MA provides information, lobbies government, advises museums and provides programmes of events, training and professional development. It is also responsible for ethical standards in museums.  

New Archaeology

Website Image General Archaeology with a British focus Includes free newsletter, links and news in a bloggers style. Clean design and to the point  

Papers from the Institute of Archaeology (PIA)

Website Image Papers from the Institute of Archaeology (PIA) is a peer reviewed, open access journal that publishes research on all aspects of archaeology, museum studies, cultural heritage and conservation. Run by graduate students at the UCL Institute of Archaeology, the aim of PIA is to provide authors with experience in publishing articles early in their careers. We therefore place extra emphasis on the provision of peer review feedback and editorial assistance. The PIA Forum and Interview sections also provide valuable insights from established scholars.  

Past Horizons

Website Image Past Horizons: Online Journal of Volunteer Archaeology and Training Past Horizons has been created to enable people whether amateur or professional to participate in archaeological projects around the world. Some of the projects require no archaeological experience to participate but you will work with professionals who will provide guidance on a daily basis. Other projects are mainly for student participation where academic credits can be obtained and others are for professionals only. Past Horizons magazine publishes articles about various Past Horizons projects.  

Present Pasts

Website Image As the journal of the UCL Institute of Archaeology Heritage Studies Section, Present Pasts contains global and cross-cultural perspectives in the fields of Cultural Heritage Studies, Public Archaeology and Museum Studies. The journal encourages debate on contentious issues, and seeks to give voice to a wide range of stakeholders in the Heritage sector.  

PSAS (entire series)

Website Image The entire contents lists, and digital copies, of Archaeologica Scotica, the Proceedings of the Society of Antquaries of Scotland, and out-of-print monographs are available on the website of the Archaeology Data Service at:  

Scottish Archaeological Internet Reports (SAIR)

Website Image The pdf versions of reports on archeological sites in Scotland, available free - ranging from Dundrennan Abbey to Iron Age burials.  

Shire Books - Archaeology Series

Website Image Expertly written monographs, about 72 pages, square-backed with spine, illustrated in black and white and line. Covering a vast number of specialist and general subjects.  

Society for Medieval Archaeology

Website Image The Society for Medieval Archaeology exists to further the study of the period from the 5th to the 16th century A.D. by publishing a journal of international standing dealing primarily with the archaeological evidence, and by other means such as by holding regular meetings and arranging conferences. While maintaining a special concern for the medieval archaeology of Britain and Ireland, the society seeks to support and advance the international study of this period (as broadly defined above) in Europe. It also aims to serve as a medium for co-ordinating the work of archaeologists with that of historians and scholars in any other discipline relevant to this field.  

Society for Post-Medieval Archaeology

Website Image The SPMA was founded in 1967 with the aim of promoting the archaeology of late medieval to industrial society in Britain, Europe and those countries influenced by European colonialism. To achieve this aim the Society publishes the annual journal Post-Medieval Archaeology, and a twice yearly newsletter twice yearly, as well as producing regular monographs, and holds conferences and meetings.  

Stone Pages

Website Image Stonehenge, stone circles, dolmens, ancient standing stones, cairns, barrows, hillforts and archaeology of megalithic Europe You name it and here it is. An amazing resource of hundreds of links, news and images - from February 1996 this site and the originators Paola and Diego has shown the way in design and information standards for archaeology on the web.. You will never be dissapointed here.  

The Archaeologist (IFA magazine)

Website Image IFA's colourful quarterly house-magazine, The Archaeologist, takes a lively look at all the issues that concern professional archaeologists. There are regular features such as Science and Archaeology and Archaeology in Parliament, a news round-up of topical items and forthcoming events in From the Finds Tray, and interviews with leading archaeologists. Main articles each time centre on one theme that is relevant to many sections in the archaeological world, seen from a variety of perspectives.  

Time Team - Trench 1

Website Image From inside stories about Time Team to in-depth features by experts and top writers, Trench One is the magazine for anyone with an interest in exploring the history that lies buried beneath their feet.  

Unpublished Fieldwork Reports

Website Image The aim of this resource is to make available unpublished archaeological excavation reports in an easily retrievable fashion. There are currently 195 reports available and this number is increasing steadily through the OASIS project. It is possible to list the reports available by contractor, using the browse by contractor option and also to do a more advanced search including period, monument/artefact type and location using the search option.  

Yorkshire Archaeological Journal

Website Image Journal of teh Yorkshire Archaeology Society  

Young Archaeologists Club

Website Image All Club members receive four issues of the Young Archaeologist magazine per year. The magazine is packed with stories of recent discoveries, reports from junior correspondents, competitions, questions and answers, and lots of things to make and do  

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