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Cotswold Archaeology

Last Updated:
13 November 2017
228 full time employees

: Financial benefits and allowances

Minimum salary offered (PCIfA)
Starting on Trainees £18,522 Archaeologists £19,158
Minimum salary offered (MCIfA)
Starting on £31,598
Clothing allowance over statutory PPE
CA provide all required PPE
Overnight subsistence
£15 per night
Accommodation provided for 'away' work
Paid Travel time
As a passenger, there will be no allowance for travelling outside the normal working day for journeys of up to ¾ hour in each direction. For journeys of above ¾ hour in each direction from the office or accommodation provided, the time spent after ¾ hour will be granted as lieu time at a ratio of 100%. The exception to this is for the person driving, who will normally receive all travelling time spent outside the normal working day as lieu time at a ratio of 100%.
Up to PO level – 22 days from day 1, plus Bank Holidays. PO & SPO level – 22 days from day 1, plus Bank Holidays, rising to 25 with service. Managers – 30 days from day 1, plus Bank Holidays
All employees are able to join CA pension from day 1, contributions are - up to Supervisor matched up to 6% - Supervisor to SPO matched up to 8% - Manages CA exceeds employee contribution by 5% up to ceiling of 12%
London Weighting
Profit share

: Training and Archaeological Opportunities

Training Type
Internal Career Development Programme, H&S Training, External training, Skills Passport
CA has a Career Development Programme that starts at Trainee Archaeologist and goes through to Project Officer. At each stage employees are provided with a log to record skills/knowledge that has been acquired. In addition there is additional on and off the job training to support development. CA has a plan identifying the H&S training required for each role, this is monitored regularly and training organised in line with requirements. Employees have access to a budget for external training and are able to make applications to attend external courses, relevant to their role.
Training days
There is no cap on number of training days, this is role and individual dependant
Paid Interns
We regularly have 8-10 volunteers working with us.
Research Opportunities
Cotswold Archaeology is a research organisation. Everything we do is underpinned by the principles and philosophy of advancing knowledge of the Past through the high-quality practice of important and challenging archaeology. In addition to our work associated with new developments, we have also carved out an enviable reputation for working on other types of research project.

For the last ten years we have partnered with the University of Reading on a project assessing how 25 years of developer archaeology has changed our understanding of Roman Britain. The project was recently described by a respected commentator as transformative. And we are now just starting a new project with the University of Exeter researching the Roman and medieval archaeology of Exeter.

We also regularly work with Historic England on a variety of terrestrial and marine research projects, and our expertise in the creation and management of archives has led to fruitful partnerships with Gloucester City Council and the National Trust. We are always alive to potential funded research opportunities and will look to do more of this sort of project in the future if we possibly can. If you want to see the products of our research have a look at some of the recent publications listed on our website – we think you will be impressed.

Public Engagement
As an educational charity disseminating the results of our activities to as many people as possible is embedded in the culture of our company. We have made great strides forward over the last couple of years to create more opportunities for people to volunteer with us on a range of interesting and valuable projects. In the summer of 2016 we will be involved in community fieldwork excavations in Devon, West Berkshire and West Sussex. We always actively seek opportunities to hold site open days and give numerous talks, radio and television interviews.

We increasingly use social media (Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest) and our website to disseminate the results of our work – sometimes to amazing effect. The find of an inscribed Roman tombstone in Cirencester in 2015 resulted in 38,000 visits to our website in the two days following its discovery.

Flagship Projects
As one of the top four largest archaeological contractors working in the UK we actively seek out large, challenging and archaeologically important projects. Our offices are centres of applied archaeological expertise which enable us to resource projects across a wide swathe of Britain. Landmark projects in the last 12 months include: excavation of a clay tobacco pipe factory within the Bath World Heritage Site; multi-period excavation in advance of Hinkley Point C Nuclear Power station, Somerset; survey and research into a 800ha landscape of ridge and furrow on the Northamptonshire/Warwickshire border; excavation of Roman military buildings near Exeter, and investigation of an Iron Age farm near Basingstoke, Hampshire.

Our heritage consultancy team has been involved with a number of projects concerned with historic pubs. Our work here allows architects to understand and articulate what makes these buildings important and allows their character to be retained and the future of the buildings to be secured.  Our marine archaeology team played a pivotal role in working with Historic England and the local licensees to dive on the wreck of the warship The London which sunk in the Thames off Southend in 1665. This project won the CBA Marsh Award for Community Archaeology Project. On very major projects we sometimes work in partnership with others, as currently with Oxford Archaeology on the investigation of a fantastic Neolithic causewayed camp in Oxfordshire. You can keep up to date with our most recent projects via Facebook, Twitter and our website.

: CIfA related Information

CIfA subs paid for staff
Yes (100% ), for qualifying employees

CIfA RO Company

Status of organisation
Limited Company, Charitable Trust

: Company expectations of Staff

CA encourages our employees to be engaged and invested in the performance of the organisation. We have various channels to update employees on the performance of CA and in turn provide upward feedback on any topic. CA has developed a reputation for delivering high quality projects, meeting client requirements and CIFA regulations. We expect our employees to support us in maintaining this reputation and this can only be achieved by having engaged employees.

CA prides itself on being a good employer, and treating employees fairly and with respect is the core of this. We expect our employees to treat their colleagues with respect in order to promote a good working environment.

Staff Appraisal
All employees start on a 6 month probation, with an initial monthly review, then a 3 month review and finishing on the 6 month end of probation review. After that, appraisals are completed annually.

: Contractual Information

Zero Hour

Rolling Contracts

Contracts Provision
Contracts are provided at the time of offer

Home working

Overtime is normally paid at the basic rate on weekdays; 1½ times the basic rate of pay on Saturdays and 2 times the basic rate of pay on Sundays
Formal Staff representation

Union recognition

: Safety & other Schemes

RIDOR accidents
0 reported in last 12 months

Environmental Credentials
ISO 14001

Bike to work Schemes

Kite marks
Constructionline, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, Achilles, CHAS, SMAS, FAME

Diversity Act
All CA policies comply with relevant UK regulation. Policies are regularly reviewed to make sure they are up to date.

Company Maternity Scheme

: Additional Staff benefits

Fun & Useful Extras
  • Fully funded Christmas party
  • Photo of the month
  • Annual Staff Survey
  • Company Intranet and Quarterly Staff Newsletters
  • Employee Assistance Programme 
  • Paid Professional Memberships