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Headland Archaeology (UK) Ltd

Last Updated:
07 August 2018
150 full time employees

: Financial benefits and allowances

Minimum salary offered (PCIfA)
Starting on 19500
Minimum salary offered (MCIfA)
Starting on 30,000
Clothing allowance over statutory PPE
Overnight subsistence
£ 15 per night or £7.50 self-catering
Wherever working away from contracted place of work - Full cost covered
Paid Travel time
If travelling to site from home first half hour is in own time all other travel time paid on mainland Britain. Other locations agreed by negotiation.
28-33 with extra day for every 5 year’s service.
3-6% employer contribution
London Weighting
Profit share

: Training and Archaeological Opportunities

Training Type
Internal, External, Skills Passport
Strong emphasis of mentoring and regular in-house training (eg. Finds, H&S, Contract Law, Environmental, Photogrammetry, HBR, Soils & Sediments, Graphics Software, Report writing, CPD, Dating methods ) External courses include – Osteology, management, leadership, GIS, H&S, finance. Between 2 and 10 days per person
Training days
Paid Interns
Research Opportunities
Elements of research as part of larger projects is commonplace but very dependant on the nature of client contracts.    

Public Engagement
Frequently required as part of client outreach and including conference attendence, public events and publications. Attendance at university careers and other events is commonplace. Individuals are frequently supported with travel, equipment and expenses for personal projects.    

Flagship Projects
We work on a very broad variety of heritage projects – from upland wind farms to urban regeneration. With over 200 ‘live’ projects at any time we see a lot of sites but have a particularly strong reputation for working on larger infrastructure projects which commonly take in significant areas of both brownfield and greenfield environments. From an archaeological perspective the larger projects offer a unique opportunity to investigate a lot of different sites. Linear developments such as roads and rail offer particularly interesting transects through the landscape giving opportunities to investigate and publish major field monuments as well as more rarely encountered classes of ephemeral but nevertheless significant structures.

Recent projects include the likes of Hereford Cathedral, M74 Glasgow, Aberdeen Bypass, Staffordshire rail Improvements and the A14 Improvement scheme (c. 400 ha over 30km of Cambridgeshire countryside). We have been appointed to elements of the HS2 project. On projects like this our teams were expected to deal with nationally important prehistoric settlements, cemeteries and henges, medieval military, religious and domestic sites as well as a wide variety of more recent military, agricultural and industrial sites. All of these require different skill sets and appropriate levels of recording that quickly become a part of the job at Headland.

: CIfA related Information

CIfA subs paid for staff

CIfA RO Company

Status of organisation
Private company

: Company expectations of Staff

Headland is a progressive, privately owned company that is involved with some of the largest infrastructure projects in the UK. These provide the opportunity to work on nationally important sites as well as undertaking amazing landscape archaeology. Our staff are regularly asked to participate on projects of all periods - from pre-history to the cold-war so there is always more to learn. From an early stage you would be expected to contribute to post-excavation and publications work.  
We have a business-like apporach to work which means we can offer our staff both stability and career opportunities. If you join us you should be in no doubt about where we are headed and be expected to fully participate. Our culture is open and fair with senior managers accessible and happy to explain things. We love innovation and you’ll find us ahead of the game with technology and systems; you should anticipate learning new skills all the time. We will help you identify personal strengths and endeavour to use them to best effect. Headland is not a place to stand still and you will be expected to take your own career and those that work alongside you seriously. To get a better feel for life at Headland here you might check out our social media sites – it’s all there.


Staff Appraisal

: Contractual Information

Zero Hour

Rolling Contracts

Contracts Provision

Home working

Weekday @ time only. Saturday @ time and a half. Sunday and bank holidays @ double time. Travel at weekends by agreement.
Formal Staff representation

Union recognition

: Safety & other Schemes

RIDOR accidents
0 reported in last 12 months

Environmental Credentials
Recycling etc.

Bike to work Schemes

Kite marks
Achilles, ISO9001

Diversity Act
We have policies on equal opportunities, discrimination and harassment.

Company Maternity Scheme

: Additional Staff benefits

Fun & Useful Extras
Photo competition with prizes monthly & annually.
CIfA Yearbook advert competition – cash prize!!.
X-mas and fieldwork parties 
Lunchtime and worktime seminars.
Salaries reviewed every May
We are in the process of agreeing additional salary protection insurance for long term illness