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Archaeology South-East

Last Updated:
10 April 2016
80 full time employees

: Financial benefits and allowances

Minimum salary offered (PCIfA)
Starting on 18,212
Minimum salary offered (MCIfA)
Starting on 30,738
Clothing allowance over statutory PPE
Full provision of PPE – additional clothing supplied directly.
Overnight subsistence
£ 12 per night in self-catering; £15 per night in B&B or Hotel accommodation.
Provided for stay-away work. Stay-away offered to staff when sites 1.5hrs distant from relevant ASE office (i.e. where post-holder based). Also provided on larger and longer-term projects where short-contract staff likely to be required. (Paid in full)
Paid Travel time
Travel time to site at start/end of working day and in excess of 1hr considered as part of the working day and paid accordingly (or translated into TOIL). Mileage paid (£0.45 per mile) for those using own vehicle, otherwise company vehicles (with fuel-card) provided.
41 days (inclusive of statutory public holidays) pa, pro rata for all staff regardless of contract status.
Yes. 13-16% (depending on scheme) employers’ contribution from start of employment.
London Weighting
Profit share

: Training and Archaeological Opportunities

Training Type
Internal training scheme, linked to Skills Passport
5 days staff entitlement (all staff, pro rata), with additional training on management discretion in areas where we seek to strengthen capacity (e.g. Survey, GIS, finds-analysis). Mentored in-service training provided for all staff, but with particular emphasis on probationary staff (includes short-contract). UCL has CPD scheme and logging with training courses in a range of technical and academic areas ( ASE additionally undertakes a skill audit as part of the induction process, which then links to an in-house training scheme – based on skill-audit, mentoring and CPD. A training budget supports external conferences, training, workshops, etc.
Training days
Paid Interns
1 (CBM specialist trainee)
We had significant volunteer involvement in several projects this year and two student training excavations (one in Kazakhstan, the other in the UK).
Research Opportunities
Variable - but we consider all of our work to involve research. A 2% levy on turnover supports a separate ‘CAA levy’ fund used to support research projects that have no commercial/public client. Staff can apply for support from this fund (mainly staff time), mainly used for publication of research (although also includes outreach and impact projects). We also use project funding for research, and have secured major grants from EU and UK (EH/HE, HEFCE, HLF) for applied research.

Public Engagement
We are widely involved with community archaeology. This means that we participate in a range of non-commercial projects and activities that directly engage the public which includes local society groups, students and other community partners. Our in-house team has a proven track record of designing and delivering outreach programmes, covering a wide range of activities for a variety of audiences. We organise talks to local societies and showcase our recent projects and research at local and regional conferences on a regular basis, and also undertake visits to local schools to introduce children to the work of archaeologists.

Flagship Projects
Boxgrove Hominid site, Sussex (publication programme) Pococks Field, Eastbourne (Fieldwork) Whitehawk Camp, Brighton (Community Project) Olduvai Gorge WHS, Tanzania (UAV recording) LaCotte, Jersey (Archaeological Site Management) Battle Abbey (Conservation Plan) Hadrian’s Wall WHS (Management Plan)

: CIfA related Information

CIfA subs paid for staff

CIfA RO Company

Status of organisation

: Company expectations of Staff

A good-humoured and intelligent aspiration to excellence achieved through creative team-working, and underpinned by an understanding of the purpose and context of our work.

Staff Appraisal
24 month or shorter (and after 3-month and 6-month probationary reviews for new and short-contract staff)

: Contractual Information

Zero Hour

Rolling Contracts

Contracts Provision

Home working

Yes (when volunteered by staff and agreed by management)
Formal Staff representation

Union recognition

: Safety & other Schemes

RIDOR accidents
0 reported in last 12 months

Environmental Credentials
ASE Environmental Policy – linked to UCL

Bike to work Schemes

Kite marks

Diversity Act

Company Maternity Scheme

: Additional Staff benefits

Fun & Useful Extras Benefits include library facilities, free on-line journals (most major journals), free software for home ‘working’ (including Microsoft Office, ArchGIS), gym, childcare vouchers, subsidised bicycle purchase, occupational health scheme, contribution towards fees for staff undertaking research degrees at UCL. Also for ASE team = monthly photo competition (small prize); Xmas party (fully subsidised by ASE); CAA seminar series (evenings – but with attendance and travel paid for by ASE and free wine reception); company smart-phone (for staff working autonomously in the field), subsidised home PC/laptop for those routinely working from home. Costs of work-related training/certification (CSCS, first aid, etc.)