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Wardell Armstrong

Last Updated:
08 July 2020
41 full time employees

: Financial benefits and allowances

Minimum salary offered (PCIfA)
Starting on 19,875
Minimum salary offered (MCIfA)
Starting on 29,860
Clothing allowance over statutory PPE
All PPE provided
Overnight subsistence
£15-25 per night
Single occupancy accommodation provided for all away projects - Full Cost Covered
Paid Travel time
Paid over 1 hour from office
Yes % on a permanent contract
London Weighting
Profit share

: Training and Archaeological Opportunities

Training Type
Internal and funded external training
Wardell Armstrong is committed to the structured training and development of our people and that commitment sits at the core of the business. Focused investment and development equips staff with the skills, knowledge and experience to perform to the highest standards for the benefit of themselves, our clients and the business. “Day-to-Day” training takes place within the team environment and we endeavour to involve everyone in a broad range in different types of work relevant to their discipline and service area. We recognize that diversity in work is important in being able to practice effectively and also in gaining future professional qualifications. In addition to training which takes place in the team environment, additional internal and external training is provided where that is in tune with the needs of the individual and the business. We have an annual fund for the sponsorship of academic qualifications. Technical training is supplemented by the structured development of soft skills and business skills. Development courses are provided around management, commercial awareness, business development and personal development. As a member of staff progresses through their career then the training builds and we endeavour to make sure every member of staff receives regular personal development. The gaining of qualifications through professional institutes is important to personal development and in underpinning the credibility of the business. We pay for all of our technical staff to be members of their key institute and support the achievement of “Member” and “Chartered”, etc., status.
Training days
2 days per year on average per person
Paid Interns
We run occasional community projects which include volunteers but they do not compose part of our regular staffing.
Research Opportunities

We are passionate about research, development and innovation and helping to advance understanding in the areas of expertise within which we operate. Science, Engineering and the Environment are at the heart of what we do and much of the work we undertake is innovative and involves us in breaking new ground. That includes research works we carry out on our own behalf and research works undertaken as part of commissions we undertake for our clients.

Recent examples of significant research projects include work undertaken for the EU on innovation around minerals and work undertaken for Scottish Power on renewable energy projects. Recent areas of significant technical innovation include refinement of industrial minerals testing and processing and the development of new techniques for archaeological investigation and testing. Those are some examples of larger projects but there are a multitude of other projects we have been involved in and research and innovation is very much part of our make-up. It is also very much part of our daily activities.

Public Engagement
Project Driven

Flagship Projects

East Anglia One - Scottish Power Renewables (Iberdrola) (2016-ongoing)
The Project involved Archaeological mitigation for onshore cable for 714MW EA1 offshore wind-farm. Services provided included WSI development, Metal detecting, Field stripping supervision, Archaeological fieldwork, Post-excavation services.
By working closely with the client, our sub-contract archaeological units (over 12 sub-contract units were engaged to secure the resources
required). Key Facts: 
· 21-mile cable route
· 14 months on site
· 58 acres investigated by hand and cleared of archaeology
· 56 individual sites
· 250+ archaeologists
· 2,000 metal-detecting finds
· 2,300 kg of finds
· 7,000 environmental samples
Iberdrola required a single contractor to undertake the intrusive archaeological investigation along the cable route, to ensure a consistent
approach to the works and to minimise the management interfaces for the client.

In order to do this Wardell Armstrong created an operating entity, utilising both in-house and sub-contract resources to undertake the very significant volume of archaeological investigation works required in line with the clients’ wider construction programme.

Wylfa Newydd - Horizon Nuclear Power (2016-ongoing)
Wardell Armstrong LLP (WA) were commissioned by the client, Horizon Nuclear Power to provide an archaeological technical lead for Wylfa Newydd archaeological excavation works. 
Wylfa Newydd was an exceptionally large programme of works which was being undertaken to support at DCO application for a new nuclear power plant on Anglesey. The excavation programmeat Wylfa has generated the most archaeologically understood landscape in the UK with multiple teams of subcontracted staff from multiple providers managed directly by WA Consultants.

Following the completion of the consultancy role, we succesfully tendered for processing and post excavation assessment works, which will be completed during 2020. 

Emerson's Green - Gardiner and Theobald (2012-2020)
On the north-east outskirts of Bristol, Wardell-Armstrong’s programme of trial trenching and excavation revealed a Late Roman villa, preceded by a series of Late Iron Age settlement enclosures and related agricultural fields - followed by Publication Phase.

The preservation of animal bone plant remains was poor, but the Early Roman phases nonetheless display evidence of crop processing, in the form of two corn-drying ovens, as well as iron production. The ceramic assemblage demonstrates links with southern Spain and France from the Flavian period onwards, gradually being replaced by regionally produced, fine tableware in the Late Roman period. The rich coinage assemblage matches that of other known villa sites in Roman Britain. A number of pairs of iron shears found in also indicate animal husbandry. These economic activities continued into the late Roman period, with a stone villa being built towards the end of the 3rd c. AD. In contrast to a number of the villa’s ancillary buildings, the villa was not built with that had been quarried on-site. Contrasts with villa excavated within the region demonstrate that the owners of the villa were not in the upper echelons of the élite but were simply landowners of a sizeable estate. Six substantially complete cremation urns and 3 cist burials were excavated, associated with the use-life of the Early Roman settlement and the later villa. Occupation ceased in the late 4th or early 5th c., with a hiatus of activity before Medieval stone robbing began, probably in the 12th c. AD. 

Blackfriars, Leicester

: CIfA related Information

CIfA subs paid for staff
Yes 100%

CIfA RO Company

Status of organisation
Wardell Armstrong LLP

: Company expectations of Staff


We welcome strong team players, who are ambitious and adaptable and in return for your commitment, creativity and problem-solving we can provide an opportunity to work alongside the UK’s most talented and respected professionals, developing and applying your skills to a variety of projects and enjoy no day ever being the same!

We support and promote a culture that encourages our people to share and shape how we deliver our corporate social responsibilities and improve our environmental performance.

Staff Appraisal
12 months

: Contractual Information

Zero Hour

Rolling Contracts

Contracts Provision
Provision of written contract in 10 days

Home working

Standard rate taken as TOIL. Enhanced overtime (Weekends or Bank Holidays) taken as TOIL plus paid at 0.5 x time worked
Formal Staff representation

Union recognition

: Safety & other Schemes

RIDOR accidents
0 reported in last 12 months

Environmental Credentials
We are ISO14001 Accredited. We place a high priority on the protection of the environment and support the principles of sustainable economic development. We strive to minimise our impact on the environment, as far as this is practicable, and to continually improve our environmental performance.

Bike to work Schemes

Kite marks
Quality ISO9001, Environmental ISO14001, Energy 500001, OHSAS18001, CIfA Registered Organisation, Constructionline Gold, CHAS, UKAS Management Systems.

Diversity Act
Diversity policy

Company Maternity Scheme

: Additional Staff benefits

Fun & Useful Extras

We offer:

  • Membership of the Firm's Group Personal Pension Plan, with Employer's contribution of up to 5%.
  • Payment of relevant professional subscriptions/ CIfA Membership.
  • 24 days annual leave per year.
  • Membership to the Firm's Private Health Care Scheme.
  • Critical Illness cover
  • Inclusion in the Firm's Life Assurance Policy given as 3 times annual salary.
  • Mobile Phone with inclusive tariff including personal usage.
  • Flexi-Time Working Schedule.
  • Long service awards.
  • Cycle to Work Scheme.
  • Travel Loans.
  • Recruitment Bounty Scheme.