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Archaeological Research Services Ltd

Last Updated:
05 April 2016
20 full time employees

: Financial benefits and allowances

Minimum salary offered (PCIfA)
Starting on 18,000.00
Minimum salary offered (MCIfA)
Starting on 26,045.00
Clothing allowance over statutory PPE
None. In addition to full PPE, our own branded polo shirt, work trousers and fleece are provided upon successful completion of probation.
Overnight subsistence
Dependent on type of job and accommodation.
B & B, hotel or Cottage dependent on job type.
Paid Travel time
London Weighting
Profit share

: Training and Archaeological Opportunities

Training Type
Internal on the job training, web-based and one to one training and external training courses provided
We hold an annual comprehensive staff training away event every year to which all staff attend and participate. Professional training as appropriate (e.g. CSCS Card, Confined Spaces, First Aid, SAGE, Distance Learning and bespoke University Archaeology Courses, EH-run specialist courses etc.). Conference attendance and presentations.
Training days
Paid Interns
Research Opportunities
Research opportunities exist where they fit into existing on-going projects. We have a very wide range of projects always in hand and this gives a wealth of opportunities for additional self-directed research whether it be associated with commercial, commissioned or community-based projects.

Public Engagement
We are a leader in the field of public engagement in archaeology having delivered numerous high profile community archaeology projects over the last 15 years including award-winning field projects. Our Company library is open for free use by the public. We have undertaken significant work with the media over the years with several of our projects appearing in their own documentaries broadcast by BBC (meet the Ancestors) and Channel 4 (Timeteam). Our projects have also featured in high profile series such as Coast, Digging for Britain and Countryfile and our staff have regularly contributed to radio programmes from Radio 4s "Today" programme, through 5Live to local radio. We regularly give talks to wide range of local societies all across the UK.

Flagship Projects
Our flagship project of the last 24 months has been our "Rescued from the Sea" project which we have undertaken in conjunction with the Northumberland Wildlife Trust and which focused on the rescue excavation of a Mesolithic to medieval site actively eroding out of a cliff face at Low Hauxley, Northumberland. Associated with the archaeological sites were well-preserved palaeoenvironmental deposits and human and animal footprints on an adjacent inter-tidal peat. Around 700 people (inclusive of school children) were involved in the fieldwork. Over 100 teachers have been trained in the new National Curriculum history requirements for KS2 in conjunction with the Great North Museum using Low Hauxley as a local case study. A popular book has been published and over a dozen public lectures given. The final output that is in preparation is the academic monograph.

: CIfA related Information

CIfA subs paid for staff

CIfA RO Company

Status of organisation
Private company

: Company expectations of Staff

A professional attitude, sound work ethic and ability to move beyond the University archaeology environment. Adoption of Company culture and values. Hard working and willingness to follow instructions. Willing and open to learning, including from peers, external providers and own experiences. Take responsibility for any given job and be dedicated to delivering completion.

Staff Appraisal

: Contractual Information

Zero Hour

Rolling Contracts

Contracts Provision
Provision of written contract in 10 days

Home working

No, unless a specific job with special circumstances requires it
Formal Staff representation

Union recognition

: Safety & other Schemes

RIDOR accidents
0 reported in last 12 months

Environmental Credentials

Bike to work Schemes

Kite marks
ISO9001; ISO14001; Employer of Excellence

Diversity Act
Equal Opportunities Policy

Company Maternity Scheme

: Additional Staff benefits

Fun & Useful Extras
Annual Christmas party which is paid for by the Company and includes a paid day away from work.
We currently provide life assurance cover for each member of permanent staff.
We currently provide a healthcare cashplan scheme for each member of permanent staff.