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Radical Reform needed to end low pay..

The campaigning group Diggers' Forum has issued a stark challenge to those in charge of the industry. !..

Health and Safety Agony Uncle...

Once more the digging season approaches and thoughts turn to chemical toilets, sunburn and insect bites. Do we give enough thought to the issues, both large and small, that might affect our working lives?.

News in Brief.

Applications for archaeology degrees
have dropped by almost 7 per cent... The govt's plans for Stonehenge have split archaeologists


Scarlett Johansson, the new USD4 million face of cosmetics company L'Oreal, is the latest celebrity who longs to be an archaeologist. ...



The Digger


You wait for one conference and three come along at once! The BAJR conference 'A Career in Ruins' will take place on 10 September at St Williams College in York.


The conference theme 'How did we get here and where are we going' was chosen because 'without understanding the paths, organisations and legislation that brought British Archaeology to this point it will be difficult to appreciate how we can move on.' Mike Heyworth, Tim Howard and consultant Dr Peter Wardle are confirmed speakers. See BAJR website for details.


The Diggers' Forum is taking part in two conferences. They have a session on 11 April at the IFA conference at the University of Edinburgh. Paul Everill, Gareth Chaffey, Kate Geary, Dave Allen of the Prospect union are speaking alongside BAJR's David Connolly. There is a bursary for IFA members to attend.


Later, on 3 June, a joint Diggers' Forum/Prospect conference will be taking place at the Museum of London Lecture Theatre. 'The aim of the conference is to look at problems we face in our sector of the profession, and to see if we can identify constructive means of tackling the issues and empowering ourselves as a workforce' say the Diggers' Forum. (This was originally planned for 29 April, but postponed).


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