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All Grades : Project Managers to Archaeologists

  Pre-Construct Archaeology Ltd in Multiple Offices across England
   See detailed salaries below
  Apply before: 31/07/2017
Responsibility Level:  Trainee   L 2  L 3  L 3/4  L 4  L 4/5  L 5  L 5/6  L 6  L 7
Enquiries Email :
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Application Address:

No Postal Applications please


Are you the type of archaeologist who enjoys a challenge? Do you have what it takes to work in a busy office managing multiple projects across various locations? Do you want to prove it? If the answer is Yes to these questions you could be the right person for us!

In order to meet the challenges of a demanding construction industry and in order to have the right teams in the right place Pre-Construct Archaeology now operates from six offices across the country: Cambridge, Durham, London, Newark, Warwick & Winchester. This expansion has created new positions and vacancies at different grades at some of the offices, but are also seeking expressions of interest at the others in anticipation of successful tenders in the near future.
Each vacancy and expression of interest at each office is set out below. If you are interested in applying for any particular position, or gaining further information please contact, by email only, Gary Brown who will either forward the job-specific advert and Job Specification, or ask the particular Regional Manager to do so. His email address is set out below.
All positions are paid at, or above, CIfA recommended levels and in addition to the salary the following benefits apply:

  • Starting at between 30 and 35 days holiday (dependent upon grade but including statutory holidays and concessionary days at Christmas).
  • Company pension scheme.
  • 100% of CIfA subscription fees,
  • Childcare vouchers.
  • Across the board Pay Award imminent
The company is seeking an additional Post-Excavation Manager. The preferred location will be London, but we will be flexible to attract the best candidate. Salary range £28,000-£33,000 dependent upon location and experience. 

Project Manager                                       £35,000  - £41,000
Expression of interest
Project Officers/Senior Archaeologist       £26,100 - £27,400
Supervisors                                                £24,622 - £25,622
Archaeologists                                           £20,704 - £22,692
Trainees (limited numbers only)                 £16,500
Project Manager                                        £28,000 - £33,000
Project Officers/Senior Archaeologist        £25,940 - £26,780
Supervisors                                               £22,233 - £25,940
Experienced Archaeologists                      £19,183 - £20,280
Archaeologists                                           £18,088 - £18,700
Trainees (limited numbers only)                £16,500
Expression of interest
Archaeologists                                           £18,088  - £18,280.6
Expression of interest
Project Officers/Senior Archaeologist         £25,940 - £26,780
Supervisors                                                 £22,233 - £25,940
Experienced Archaeologists                       £19,183 - £20,280
Project Manager (infrastructure)              £28,000 - £33,000
Assistant Project Manager                       £27,810 - £28,000
Expression of interest
Project Officers/Senior Archaeologist      £25,940 - £26,780
Supervisors                                              £22,233 - £25,940
Experienced Archaeologists                     £19,183 - £20,280
Archaeologists                                          £18,088 - £18,700
Trainees (limited numbers only)               £16,500
Expression of interest
Project Manager                                       £28,000 - £33,000
Project Officers                                         £23,920             
Supervisors                                              £20,872.80 - £21,796
Archaeologists                                          £18,353.40
Trainees (limited numbers only)               £15,493.40 - £16,500

All applications must be received by close of business on Friday 31st July 2017 by email.  

Pre-Construct Archaeology is an equal opportunities employer.





Please quote BAJR in your application.

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