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British Archaeological Jobs & Resources

BAJR Directory: Add Specialist

1.Enter your postcode or town in the box. Then Click to locate - the system does not need to know where you live - this will protect your privacy.

2. Enter your name, type of specialist skill from the drop down list (if you wish to have more, you must repeat the process for each one), add your contact email and a few details about yourself, such as qualifications, associations and relevant details concerning this skill only. (This service is NOT intended for beginners - so please DO NOT add yourself if you have very little experience)

3.Click ADD ME You will have been added to the database and map that is open to archaeologists (and members of the public) to contact if they need your specialist services in that area. Many thanks for this. Any questions - contact me info@bajr.org .

1- Locate Yourself

Start typying in office address poscode to log your coordinates which appear below.

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2 -Enter your Details



WEBSITE: (include http://)

SPECIALISM: - Each Separate Specialism needs a new Entry


SHORT Details: (please keep it short and relevant to THIS skill)
You have 500 characters remaining for your description...

Have you questions about this register? Contact us at info@bajr.org.