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Contractors - List

Find the details of 340 Archaeological Contractors from across Europe. Telephone, email, web and details.. more..>

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Contractors - Map

se the searchable mapbased system to locate the nearest of 340 Archaeological Contractors from across Europe. more..>

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542 Specialists have added their details to our searchable database to help find experts from Aerial Images to Zoology.. more..>

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Universities & Colleges

With 75 Colleges and Universities offering heritage based courses - find them all right here including courses.. more..>

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UK Curators

Finding the right person for the right area, our Curatorial search directory is just what you need. Search by Council area or by Service.. more..>


Online HERs/SMRs

Councils data online, linking in to the National Monument Datasets. This includes 99 online HERs/SMRs.. more..>

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Portable Antiquity Contacts

With the importance placed on the protection of sites and the need to gain valuable information about topsoil artefacts here are all the contacts. more..>

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UK Re-enactment Groups

196 societies involved in re-enactment & living history which range from Prehistoric to 20th century bring the past to life... more..>

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UK Local History Centres

The 441 Local History Centres form the backbone of our public access to archaeology and heritage. Find your nearest one .. more..>

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UK Archaeology Societies

326 active Archaeological Societies across the UK provide opportunities for young and old, professional, student and amateur. .. more..>

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National Organisations

Need to know how to get hold of Archaeology Scotland? Want to know the contact details of the Advisory Body for Redundant Churches .. more..>

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