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British Archaeological Jobs and Resources
Old Schoolrooms,
Luggate Burn,
East Lothian
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BAJR provides information and services to the whole Heritage Industry and those who interact with them.

We act as an independent voice for the workers in archaeology and heritage, providing advice and protection on an informal basis, empowering the workers with facts and data concerning all aspects from Health and Safety to Employee Rights.

As our heritage belongs morally and ethically to us all, BAJR supports all those who adhere to the highest professional and ethical standards.

BAJR provides information to groups as diverse as Local History Societies, the Portable Antiquities Scheme, Metal Detecting Groups, Developers, as well as Archaeological Contractors and Specialists.

The IFA Code of conduct is recognised as the highest standard that should be adhered to and as such, BAJR has adopted the IFA Code of conduct as one condition for both inclusion on the database of contractors and to advertise on the website.

What does BAJR do?

To maintain the intentions within our mission statement BAJR has the following aims

To provide a employment service for all.

The primary function of BAJR is to provide an advertising service for Heritage Organisations, whether Contracting Units, Council Services, Higher Education Institutions or Heritage Body.

This is updated daily, with access to hundreds of jobs a year. In addition there is the CVs Online service, where a large searchable database of individuals is held that can be accessed freely by employers looking for staff.

Over the past 5 years, BAJR has now become the primary location for job adverts in UK heritage.

BAJR provides information services to all. Gathering information and making this easily accessible to all has become an important goal for BAJR. To this end, the following datasets (continually updated) were gathered and are available as fully searchable databases online;

1. Council Curators (England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Isle of Man)

2. Local History Centres

3. Educational Institutions

4. Heritage/Archaeology Courses (HERA)

5. Archaeological Contractors

6. PAS and Treasure Trove centres.

7. Young Archaeologist Club Locations

8. Funding Sources and Grants (Heritage based)

9. National Organisations

10. Resources in Archaeology (Maps, Software, useful sites)

We recognise that the CBA along with the IFA contain many useful datasets, and we will work closely with them both to avoid over duplication of effort. It is not the intention of BAJR to challenge the pre-eminence of these organisations in this aim, more to enhance and provide an additional parallel source for the public and archaeological/heritage professionals alike. BAJR is about inclusion and cooperation.. and also works with the Metal Detecting groups who wish to help bring archaeology to all.

Who uses BAJR?

A range of groups and individuals both professional and amateur use BAJR. Our visitors come from universities, contracting units, development control departments, museums, conservation laboratories, environmental.

They come from metal detecting clubs, local societies, building development companies, architects firms, schools and colleges, but all have one thing in common

Need for easy to find and easy to use information. Every week, over 10,500 unique visitors from across the globe visit BAJR.

So now you know! ... Best of all, its the fun of doing it.. and helping people, who in return often help me. You all know who you are, and I could not do it without you, I won't embarress you by naming you, but thanks to you all.

All the best

David Connolly 2008