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  Enabled Archaeology Foundation in Home based
  Apply before: 28/03/2020
Responsibility Level:  Trainee   L 2  L 3  L 3/4  L 4  L 4/5  L 5  L 5/6  L 6  L 7
Enquiries Email :
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Application Address:

No Postal Applications please


The following posts are vacant for the Enabled Archaeology Foundation
Currently there is no funding for any post, and these are fully voluntary, providng what support you can for the promotion and development of the Charity. 


The EAF requires a dynamic and proactive Executive Director to lead the Charity through an period of consolidation and oversee all aspects of the charity, ensuring that we are operating efficiently and effectively. In this role, you will be the face of the charity, working closely with the Board of Trustees, external organisations and the public. You will work to guide  staff /volunteers in the overall mission of the charity and that we are all working together to successfully achieve strategic objectives.
  • Develop and implement strategic plans that meet goals and objectives created in partnership with the Board of  Trustees
  • Assist in the recruitment and development of individuals to manage charity functions and aims.
  • Ensure commitment to and compliance with all applicable laws and regulations across the organisation
  • Develop positive relationships with stakeholders, government agencies, educational and professional organisations.


The EAF is currently seeking a Treasurer to oversee the budget, financial planning and cash management. The successful applicant will have previous experience in financial management and will be an integral part of maintaining positive relationships with banks and financial institutions. The Treasurer will work closely with executive posts, the funding officer and the Board of Trustees to ensure appropriate financial systems have been put in place and are consistently followed.   

  • Handle receipt, banking and protection of Charity funds, securities and funding streams.
  • Anticipate borrowing needs and available funds for investment
  • Develop an annual budget and create long-term projections based on needs and upcoming projects
  • Maintain an efficient system of policies that adequately control financal activities
  • Ensure sufficient funds are available to cover operational and investment needs
  • Advise Senior Management of loans, liquidity and investments
  • Prepare financial reports

The EAF is looking for an Administrator to manage project activities, monitor and act as a central point of contact for all activities.  They will perform clerical work, and provide general secretarial support. The Administrator will be responsible for assisting with maintaining financial records along with the Treasurer and facilitating communication among the EAG, EAF and Board of Trustees.
  • Direct enquiries to the appropriate individuals
  • Respond to queries, via telephone or email
  • Develop and implement office procedures
  • Maintain records  
  • Compose letters, documents and minutes on behalf of the Charity
  • Perform general administrative tasks.

The EAF requires support to deliver projects and promote volunteer coordination aiming to ensure a consistent and Enabled brand led development.  You will work to support individuals and groups in implementing schemes and initiatives to promoting Enabled projects, excavations and activities, in addition to supervising (at a distance) the volunteer activities undertaken.  you will work with the main Charity roles and coordinate with the EAG and the Social Media Officer to ensure volunteers are provided with the information and support they require. You will also work with Archaeological and external charities and organisation to implement partnership working opportunities and project branding.
  • Liaise with and support EAG volunteers and Admins
  • Develop and implement EAG and general volunteer procedures
  • Maintain records and outcomes regarding associated projects and activities
  • Work on – where possible, archaeological sites.

In a funding officer role, you will seek and develop funding opportunities via partner organisations, professional organisation and local/national funding bodies (such as HLF)  You’ll keep the Board of Trustees and Charity staff updated on the foundation funding recommendations, and provide regular updates on funding streams in conjunction with the Treasurer, Volunteer Coordinator and Administrator.
 Seek avenues for sustainable funding
  • Seek project based funding with support from Charity post holders
  • Provide regular coordinated financial funding reports to the Treasurer
  • Create funding applications

We need a Social Media Coordinator who can enhance our brand and build strong online communities through our various social media platforms. The Social Media Coordinator will be responsible for developing and administering social media content that is designed to engage users and create an interactive relationship within the EAG Facebook group.  In addition to distributing documents and liaising with EAG admins to ensure consistent advice and aims.
  • Work closely with the other Charity staff and Trustees to develop social media campaigns that help to achieve wide recognition and goals
  • Develop reporting on social media that will be submitted to the management and executive teams on a regular basis
  • Monitor the social media accounts and offer constructive interaction with admins with relation to the goals and aims of the EAF
  • Provide a point of contact for EAG admins to convey requests and suggestions to the management and Trustees
To Apply
Please contact the Chair of the Trustees for the Enabled Archaeology Foundation in the first instance. ( marked EAF Application and with the post you wish to take on.
Detail what you feel you can offer, and how much time per month you feel is possible to devote to the role, within your own boundaries.   Support can and will be given and we need people to help build on the legacy created by Theresa O’Mahoney.

Charity number: 1183965





Please quote BAJR in your application.

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